At IMIDomics we are convinced that only through the integration of data from multiple omic approaches, together with reliable clinical data, that precision medicine will be delivered to IMID patients

IMID Patients are highly heterogeneous in their signs and symptoms. It could be said in fact that each patient is unique. Much of this extraordinary variability can be now captured through the use of powerful technologies. Next-generation sequencing (NGS), for example, is revolutionizing the ways at which we can measure genomic variability, reaching even single-cell resolution

At IMIDomics we are using multiple cutting-edge technologies to interrogate different layers of biological information:

From the inherited DNA variation to the heterogeneous clinical manifestations of IMIDs, there are many aspects of biological variability that can be now interrogated with the use of high-throughput technologies

The long lasting collaboration between IMIDomics and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is key to extract high quality molecular data from the patient's samples