We encourage industry and academic partners to collaborate with us to engage the IMIDomics Platform to guide target, drug and biomarker discovery, as well as clinical and regulatory strategy



Peter Schafer, PhD Executive Director, Translational Medicine at Bristol-Myers Squibb

"To access similar data and capabilities elsewhere would require multiple collaborations with individual clinics, universities, analysis labs, and expert data analytical groups."

Academic partners


Stratification of patients

Novel therapeutic target discovery

The IMIDomics platform has the potential to identify the involvement of genes or gene products not previously associated with highly specific IMID conditions.

Stratification of patients for clinical trial inclusion and targeted treatment

Identify patients with high probability to respond or not respond to therapy, this reducing clinical trial size, time, cost and risk.
Rescue molecules in development which showed activity in limited patient groups but did not reach significance in large trials.

Disease treatment monitoring to identify new patient populations

Characterize the progression of disease to determine which medicines are most relevant to the patient and anticipate switches to new drugs or combinations to improve treatment.

Optimize label (indications) for existing therapeutics

Expand into new indications for existing drugs and potential new combinations.

Selection of patient cohorts based on comorbidities & co-occurrence

Discover optimized therapeutics and combinations which may optimize treatment the patient’s broader condition.

IMIDomics seeks to continuously improve and expand the capabilities of its Platform by collecting and analyzing more patient samples, expanding into new IMIDs and advancing the capabilities of its Precision Discovery Platform. We look forward to collaborating with industry and academic partners to achieve this goal. Reach out to discuss potential partnerships